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Q.  What applications are Westcoat flooring systems suitable for?


  • Kitchens – Very sanitary and easy to clean also offering 1 Day Urethane Cement Floors ¼ with Natural Non Slip Properties.
  • Garages – Can withstand chemicals, Extreme weight and Hot Tire Pickup. Many Different systems available for all your needs.
  • Retail / Showroom – A perfect complement to interior design. Many Decorative and Custom designs available.
  • Manufacturing – Very durable, as well as chemical and slip-resistant systems ranging from 1/16 thick and up to ¼ Plus thickness epoxy floors.
  • Pharmaceutical / Laboratory – Extremely chemical resistant, safe, Durable, Anit-Microbial and Non-slip.
  • Warehouse – Dust-proof, made for forklift use and heavy traffic.
  • Residential – Designed to fit any room in your house, including your garage, Patio, Driveway, sidewalks and Pool Deck.
  • Custom / Specialty Floors – We custom-build flooring using the Industry leading Products from Westcoat Specialty Coatings and other leading Manufactures.

Training videos and useful information

Westcoat Fast Stain Training Video:

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Dazzle Effects with Liquid Dazzle Highlights:

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Westcoat Acid Stain System Training Video:

Westcoat Liquid Granite™ & Liquid Terrazzo™ Training Video:

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